Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Godwin's Law Of Nazi Analogies, an internet law which is now more than twenty years old, is described like this: "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one. The first to 'play the Nazi card' loses any argument and all respect."

CLICK HERE to see the article from The Huffington Post which details the prevalent use of the analogies. Any time I hear a commentator--whether conservative or liberal--use a Nazi analogy, I immediately spurn them.

I understand that I was attacked on a local hate sheet by being referred to as a "GRAMMARNAZI". I don't--and won't--read the scurrilous screed, but a "reliable source" informed me about it. I ignore those reprehensible hate-mongers, but this one was just too ludicrous to disregard. It's almost as reprehensible as the vile invective spewed by that radio personality who uses the term FEMINAZI!

If "the Gang Of 5" knew anything about me, they would know that I am the exact opposite of a Nazi as I am an admitted left-winger. Oh, silly me, that would mean that they actually knew the difference between a right-winger and a left-winger.

The Nazis would have been rounding me up along with the Jews, Gypsies, atheists, intellectuals, and homosexuals.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you matched 3 of the members of the group: Jews, Gypsies, atheists, intellectuals, and homosexuals, don't you? ML