Thursday, July 24, 2014


A recent television show featured several people who keep wild animals such as tigers and pythons as pets. The naivete of the people who never believe that their animals will escape and harm anyone is astounding! (CLICK HERE to see article "Why A Wolf Will Never Be Man's Best Friend")

I have known two people who kept wild animals. One was named Wolfgang, but all the guys at work called him "Wolfie". He had come to this country from Germany after World war II and was a Tool and Die Maker. I had noticed quite a number of scars on his hands, arms, and neck, but I certainly was not going to ask about them. One day Wolfgang asked, "Would you like to see pictures of my babies?" I looked at the pictures, gasped, and asked, "Are those wolves?"

He answered, "Yes, aren't they beautiful?" I said, "Yes, they certainly are but are you allowed to keep them?" He seemed surprised that I would suggest that and replied, "Oh, they won't hurt anyone." I asked, "Did you get those scars from the wolves?" He answered, in a blasé tone, "Oh, no, those came from the lions." I fairly screaked, "LIONS? You have lions too?"

I recall reading Wolfgang's widow's obituary: "preceded in death by her husband of 44 years Wolfgang, and by their beloved lion Victor." (see here)

I often wondered if the love of wolves started because of his given name.

The other man, Alex, also a German, was the Engineer for the Robotic Welders at work, and he also kept wolves as pets. Although I don't believe in stereotypes, I wondered to myself, "Can there be a connection between these guys both being German, being mechanically inclined, and both loving wolves?"

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Anonymous said...

Well, wolves are in packs! Is that a Germanic trait? ML