Tuesday, July 15, 2014


With the closing of Community Market, my friend Bobbi and I were commiserating with each other about items we only bought there. "Where will we get our tapioca?" she wailed. I answered, "I even asked them where they bought the tapioca with such big pearls and they said they bought it from Yoder's." She asked, "You mean all these years I thought it was made in the store? I've never seen any Yoder's tapioca at other stores." I said, "I'll ask Gerald to do an online search!"

I told her that when I heard of the store closing, I went immediately to buy all the Wick's Peach Glaze that was available, because it was the only local store which carried it and I needed it for my annual fresh peach pie (CLICK HERE to see BLOG article PRESENTATION ISN'T EVERYTHING about a not-so-successful peach pie).

Years ago I was at the Der Dutchman Restaurant in Plain City and I saw someone at the next table have a piece of fresh (unbaked) peach pie. I ordered a piece and it was very delicious and asked if I could have the recipe. I was told that their glaze was not made at the restaurant, but that they used the Wick's brand. I found Wick's peach glaze at Ev's and when Community Market took over, Wick's was still carried there.

I told Les, "There are all those fresh peaches in the stores and I have no glaze!"

Les asked, "Why don't you see if you can get a recipe for it like the strawberry one using Jell-O?"

I checked the Jell-O recipes and this is the recipe for peach glaze:

1 cup water
2 tablespoons corn starch
1 cup sugar
1 small package peach Jell-O
6 drops yellow food coloring

Boil water, corn starch, and sugar together until clear. Add peach Jell-O and stir until dissolved. Add food coloring and allow to cool. Mix fresh, sliced peaches into the glaze and turn into a baked, pie shell. Serve with whipped cream.

Les and I just licked the bowl and spoon and the homemade glaze is YUMMY!

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