Friday, July 11, 2014


I have written previously (CLICK HERE to see HORSE PARKING) about one of the City Council members who seems to have a compulsion to put on a fortnightly performance, which, judging from his self-satisfied demeanor, he evidently thinks is amusing. With their laughter, his fellow Council members actually encourage his fatuous behavior. Perhaps if they didn't laugh he would discontinue his ridiculous, inane, nonsensical, and mostly illogical renderings which have no relevance to the City's business. Whenever he begins his vocal meanderings, I feel like screaming, "TMI; get to the point!"

At the latest City Council meeting, he began a long-winded recounting about his not being able to "stand some people", but he emphasized that he tried to follow Biblical teaching about loving one's neighbors, etc. I was almost ready to admire his compunction, but he began a rambling discourse about thinking people should "pull themselves up by their bootstraps" and other decidedly non-altruistic statements. I knew then that he had no compassion for his fellow man and the rest was mere posturing. Perhaps he should have listened to those missionary parents of whom he's fond of referencing!

He concluded his ludicrous recitation by telling that he'd developed hives, apparently from consuming popcorn and ice cream, with nuts and caramel (which he pronounced as "CARMEL"; perhaps he was thinking of Mount Carmel), but after visiting Urgent Care where he received a steroid shot, he had a "miraculous" recovery. Because of this "miracle"--perhaps once again he should have listened to those missionary parents who surely knew the meaning of the word "miracle"--he said that his heart was full of love. I would think that the "miracle" of a steroid shot was because of wonderful science, rather than heavenly intervention.

I suppose he meant his message to be that he'd discovered empathy for his fellow human beings, but he nattered on about his lack of affinity with others who are obviously not as perfect as he. It is obvious that he considers himself to be oh-so-much-better than the riff-raff with whom he deals.

After the meeting was adjourned, the City Manager said, loud enough for everyone to hear: "Sue, you could tell his heart was full of love for you."

I responded, "And I am full of vomit!"

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I thought you didn't speak at meetings. ML