Sunday, July 6, 2014


My friend Patty was recalling Penny, one of our favorite Team Leaders at BMY. Whenever Penny came to me or Patty with a problem she would always say, "I'm in a pickle." I think it was amusing because it didn't seem like something a young person would say.

The first time Penny ever said it to me, I said, "Come here, my little gherkin, and we'll see what we can do." She did not know what a gherkin was! After that, each time Penny would use the phrase, I would try to name a different kind of pickle. One time I asked Patty for a suggestion for a pickle and that was how I learned that Tony Packo's pickles were real.

During all the years when we would watch M*A*S*H and Klinger would mention Tony Packo's Pickles, I just assumed it was a made-up name (like Adam's Ribs in Chicago). When she told me about Tony Packo's, I thought that she was putting me on, but I soon learned that Kroger actually stocked Tony Packo's Pickles and that Tony Packo's is a famous restaurant in Toledo (Klinger and Jamie Farr's hometown).

Gerald and I have a deal: whenever I want to go to a museum, we also plan a trip to see a car event nearby (click here to read IT'S A DOOZEY about our trip to the Duesenberg/Cord/ Auburn Museum in Auburn, Indiana, when I wanted to go to the Toledo Museum Of Art).

After visiting the car museum and the art museum, there was only one place I wanted to go to eat: TONY PACKO'S!

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I love Tony Packo's! ML