Wednesday, July 2, 2014


A friend and I stood in line for hours, moving at a gastropod's pace, to meet Hillary Clinton, and to have her autograph her new book Hard Choices. We knew it was just a book-signing and did not expect much contact with her, thus we were pleased that she thanked us for coming and reached out to shake our hands. Although I have seen her in person previously, I had not been in very close proximity. Her hand is small compared to mine and her complexion is nice. She appeared to be well relaxed; her hair looked very nice; and she was dressed in red. The security was strict (see the rules below).

Before the event, we had eaten at a nearby restaurant and while there we heard that there were protesters outside the bookstore. I told my friend, "Just keep me civilized", because I have been known to engage in some contretemps with protesters at other events.

While in line, a woman walked up to us and screaked about Mrs. Clinton having voted for the war in Iraq. My friend--who was supposed to keep me civilized--yelled back at her about who had started the war. (My friend reminded me to "be kind" in my reporting about her reaction to the protester.)

The protestor was wearing a blue, long-sleeved blouse which displayed "gaposis" (blouse too tight across the bosom, causing a gap) and I noticed that she was somewhat buck-toothed, but in that moment, I couldn't decide if she looked like Bugs Bunny--she wasn't pretty enough to look like Jessica Rabbit--and then I thought, "The Velveteen Rabbit!" As I have never believed in--nor engaged in any personal attacks with anybody--I wasn't about to be mean and call attention to her physical being.

I said, "Now, you just go away; be a nice girl, just go home." She said, "Listen, sister, just ask me a question; ask me a question." I responded, "Don't call me sister, just go away, there's no way I could be related to you, you SILLY WABBIT!" She tried to continue her rant, but I kept treating her with derision and saying "YOU SILLY WABBIT", while waving my hand dismissively. After I had said it, I realized I'd been quoting the Trix cereal advertisement. I wondered if she gleaned my "rabbit reference". Fortunately, she went to another section to irritate them.

What's the famous quote about a good defense? Nah, DISDAIN is the best defense AND offense!

Before that incident, I had been talking only to my friend but after the incident, a young woman named Kelly who is a nurse at the VA, who was there with her daughter Addison, joined in our conversation, and we had a joyous time after that. We met Dino, a Tool & Die Maker, and his wife and friends, and a number of other enjoyable people.

At times, we Democrats all have the feeling that we are the "only ones"; it was great being surrounded by more than a thousand (my ticket number was 879) like-minded individuals. It was thrilling to see the diversity of people and especially delightful was seeing the number of parents who had brought their children.

My friend gave up her chance to see Ziggy Marley in concert!


Jenny said...

I knew you would be kind when you told this story. It was wonderful being with other Democrats and thank you once again for getting me a ticket. It was a hard choice (Ziggy Marley in concert or shaking Hillary's hand) and I made the right one.

Anonymous said...

I am SOOOO jealous! ML