Thursday, July 3, 2014


During the wait in line at the Hillary Clinton book-signing, my friend and I demonstrated to several people Bill Clinton's "double-clasp" hand shake.

Several years ago, on a rope line after a speech, when he began to shake my hand, President Clinton placed his other hand atop my hand, all the while looking at me directly in the eyes. He did all THAT in a few seconds. And, YES, during those fleeting seconds, I did feel that I was the only person in the room. My friend was right beside me and she reported to me that she felt the same way.

Read the article HERE "HANDSHAKE HOW TO" about the importance of a good handshake. To quote the author: "For example, Bill Clinton is regarded by many experts as one of the best hand shakers in the business. When he shakes hands with people he pulls them into his personal space and holds their gaze until he finally moves on to the next handshake. In this way Clinton quickly creates a rapport by making eye contact with people while holding their gaze. Holding people's gaze slightly longer than is typical is one of the attributes that make people view Clinton as one of the most charismatic presidents. By holding his looks a fraction of a second longer, Clinton makes people feel important and valued. This is a very delicate and precise technique to perfect and he has mastered it."

President Clinton reminds me of Lyndon Johnson who called his technique of charming people "pressing the flesh".

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Anonymous said...

So, that's why YOU do the double-clasp! ML