Sunday, December 13, 2015


At Ohio Thrift I was in line to pay for my purchases and I noticed the cashier's name was
"Amy Beth".  I said, "I bet that your mother was a fan of Little Women."  She chuckled and said, "Yes, and I became AMY BETH JO."  I said, "Really?  What about Meg?"  She said, "Oh, my last name is JOHNSON, so I just say AMY BETH JO."

I asked for permission to take her picture and then I also asked her supervisor.

I dislike it when people think it's OK to take one's picture without permission.  I've written before how I hate to have my picture taken and two of my brothers share this aversion.   My mother hated to be photographed and although I "inherited" the aversion from her,  I am sad that I have only three photos of my mother.

One of my brothers has had his picture appear in the local paper on numerous occasions.  Because he likes to have his picture taken, one of my other brothers said, "The most dangerous place to be in Fayette County is between him and a camera!"  I laughed and said, "That could apply to YOU also because you might do bodily harm to the photographer!"  One time, that brother threatened to break a person's camera for snapping a picture without his permission.  In the old days when using film, he actually pulled the film from a camera to ruin the film!

I told him that he was the "J.D. Salinger of Fayette County" as he has only school pictures, military pictures, and work IDs to haunt him!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE this story! I'll bet you made her day! ML