Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I visited our Fayette Humane Society to purchase PAWS CAUSE CARDS.  The card offers discounts at restaurants-- El Dorado, Rax, The Rusty Keg, Streeside 62, Pour Boys, Center Pizza, Subway, Nagasaki, Little Caesar's, Amore Pizza, Hong Kong Buffet, and Dairy Queen--as well as offers from Prime Meats and Deli, Sunshine Cleaners, Craig's Shoes and Sports, Summer Breeze, EZ Oil Change, and Super Sport Barber Shop.

For the cost of $5.00 it is a great deal.  Rax also donated 500 $5.00 gift certificates for the first 500 cards sold. That is like getting the Paws Card Card free!

While there I viewed the renovations and as I was admiring the artwork encircling the walls, I learned a new word:  CHIRRUP.  In conversation with people present, one person there thought it was a made-up word by the artist.  I remarked that all of the other words were "real animal words" and I would check on chirrup.

I learned that chirrup is a noun which means the high-pitched sounds of birds.  TWITTER is a synonym.

My brother said, "It sounds like an example of onomatopoeia."  I replied, "Now your saying THAT is just showing off, sir!"

Hear the pronunciation:

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Anonymous said...

THANKS for my card AND the Rax certificate! ML