Friday, December 4, 2015


I like the word SCREAK. Although the definition is: "to make a harsh, shrill, sound", I have always thought of it as a cross between a shriek, a screech, and a scream. 

Screak is an intransitive verb of Scandinavian origin and is pronounced 
as "skreet".

After using "screak" in another BLOG article, a friend sent a message and mentioned that I had misspelled "Scream".   I answered that it was the correct spelling of "screak".   She replied, "But Spell-Check doesn't recognize it and Spell-Check is God;  you're always saying that people should use Spell-Check!"

I SCREAKED my answer, "No, Spell-Check isn't God, the OED is God!" 

My friend Gretchen likes to give me my comeuppance  by pointing out any of my Facebook transgressions.  She shared the Santa warning here.  I answered, "Make sure it's the OED!"

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Anonymous said...

I am so very proud of my OED which you gave to me! ML