Saturday, December 12, 2015


On December 12, 2015, the 100th birthday anniversary for Francis Albert Sinatra will be rightfully met with great fanfare and celebrations.  I daresay no other singer has had the long-lasting influence of Sinatra.

I became an appreciator of Frank Sinatra's music by osmosis because my mother loved Frank's music and she listened to and sang his songs.   My friend Cammy's mother also adored Frank and Cammy and I would listen to her mother's records on the "hi-fi" (oh, she was so lucky to have those albums AND a "stereo").  Our favorite album was Only The Lonely which included Frank's unforgettable renditions of Only The Lonely, Goodbye, Blues In The Night, Ebb Tide, Spring Is Here, One For My Baby, and Where Or When.  Those were "torch" songs and had great appeal for our teenage angst!

Cammy's all-time favorite song by Frank was Soliloquy from the musical Carousel and my favorite was Frank's rendition of Old Man River.  Listen here:

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Seth McFarlane did a fantastic job! Who knew he could sing? ML