Tuesday, December 29, 2015


In a store, two days before Christmas, I was in the Express Lane as I had only two items.  In the next lane was a couple with an overflowing cart, with a huge bag of dog food across the top of the load. The woman began loading items onto the belt and as she picked up the dog food, another item fell to the floor. She and the man both leaned over to pick it up and I could see the looks between them and I heard an audible growl from the man.

OOPS! Another item fell to the floor and as they both leaned over to retrieve it I could see their tempers flaring and he slammed the item back into the cart. 

They noticed that I was looking at them, so NATURALLY (some would say it's NOT natural), I began singing, "Have a holly, jolly Christmas",  with my best Burl Ives homage.

They both began laughing and I said, "Just 2 more days!"

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SARAH said...

Because nothing says being in an awkward situation like busting out in song.