Thursday, December 10, 2015


Recently, a friend said that she saw a man spit into the kitchen sink; even though we know we spit into the bathroom sink when we brush our teeth, somehow, it is vile and disgusting to spit into the kitchen sink! [No amount of logic will make us believe that there's no difference!]

I asked my husband and brothers if they spit into the kitchen sink and one answered, "By the time we had a kitchen sink, we also had Kleenex!" Another said, "Well, I aim for the hole!"

I have NEVER seen a woman spit--in public--or in private! What is it with men and spitting? Do they have more fluids they need to eliminate?

I had a boss who used to spit on the floor in the plant. One day, I asked him why he did that and he answered, with surprise, "I have to spit." I asked, incredulously, "On the floor? Somebody might step in it!" He laughed and said, "You're in a factory!" I answered, "I still thought I was in civilization!"

Recently, driving down the street, I saw a man turn his head and spit onto the grass. I thought, "Well, maybe he thinks if it's OK for dogs to doo-doo, then he thinks it's OK for him."

My friend mentioned "mucous" and I commented that that was a perfect sounding word for what it means. My brother chimed in and said that he thought "phlegm" and "sputum" were equally disgusting-sounding words! My grandmother coined the term "hoicky gob" which all family members use!

Les said "EXPECTORATION makes it sound acceptable!

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