Thursday, July 14, 2016


A friend said, "I don't know why people are always asking me why I am all dressed up."  I answered, "I get the same kind of comments."

Recently, in answer to the statement that I was "all dressed up",  I said "These are the only clothes I have."  The person answered, "I've never seen you in the same thing twice."  When I said that I'd never worn jeans, shorts, or Capri pants, the person reacted, and asked, "What do you wear when it's casual?"  I said, "I consider what I'm wearing today as casual."  She said, "That's definitely NOT casual!"

My brother calls my "uniform":  skirt, blouse, and blazer, and when "casual", slacks, blouse and blazer.  I said, "I have some tee-shirts I've worn to political events."

I was preparing my calendar for July and I have a large number of events scheduled.

My brother asked, "How are you going to decide what to wear to all those events?  and, more importantly, whatever will Gerald wear?  He'll be worried that Jack, Bob, and John have seen him in the same outfit twice!  Which color of Dockers will he wear?"

Oh, how he likes to razz me!  He reminded me that just the week before I'd said that I couldn't wear the same thing to an event in Wilmington that I'd worn to a local event because some of the same people would be there.

Guilty as charged!

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Anonymous said...

I have a pair of jeans in your size--I dare you to wear them! ML