Monday, July 18, 2016


I'm just going to admit it:  I  love FAIR FOOD!

Yes, give me funnel cakes, elephant ears, Polish Sausage sandwiches, the fare at the Pork Producers, the Cattlemen's Association, and Saint Colman's, but last year I fell in love with POTATO ON A STICK! I ate something similar the previous year, with the potato deep fried like French fries, curled and served on a plate, but the potatoes last year were served on a skewer.

I was fascinated to see the process as the concessionaire drilled a hole through the potato with a Mikita drill, affixed it on a stick and then deep-fried it.  Look at that splendid presentation below:

The girls in the picture, Elizabeth and Brittany, were walking through the building where our booth is located, showing the potato on a stick, trying to create business, and I asked them to bring one back to me.

When Elizabeth returned she said that she had been reported by another vendor for soliciting business which is against the rules of the Fair.

What an assault on their entrepreneurial spirit!

The girls are from North Carolina, moved to Zanesville, where Elizabeth's mother and step-father started the concession business, and they have been working at county fairs.

I hope to see them this year!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanks for sending me out to SCOUT for that damned potato thing. Where are they this year? Sorry you had to settle for curly fries! ML