Friday, July 1, 2016


I went to a friend's office and he had displayed a charming poster board Christmas card created by his granddaughter. I glanced at it and said, "Oh, it's a collage or like a memory board."

Then, while reading it, I exclaimed, "It's a REBUS!"  He said that he'd never heard that word before and asked how it was spelled.  His secretary had never heard of a rebus either.

See the delightful use of candy bar wrappers she used to express her sentiments.

REBUS:  a puzzle or riddle in which words are represented by pictures, symbols, and individual letters;  e.g.: "apex" might be represented by a picture of an ape, followed by the letter x.

I said that we used to make rebuses when I was a kid.

Later, dining with my "Wild Lunch Bunch", I asked if any of them remembered rebuses.  There were eight people present, with 3 older, 1 my age, and the remainder younger.  Even when I described rebuses, none there remembered them.

When I arrived home, I asked my husband and brother but they had no memory of rebuses.  No other family members remembered them.

Later, I was with a grand niece, and I asked her if she had heard of rebuses and she had not.  When I described them, she said, "Let's make one;  it sounds like fun."  We looked online and found numerous sites to download rebuses.

I particularly like this one because I have "Thanksgiving dinner" on my birthday, as well as on Thanksgiving Day.

I told her, "Way back in the day, when I was a teenager, and people actually wrote letters, my best friend used to send rebuses she'd created.

I called my friend and, thank goodness, she remembered them.  I breathed a sigh because I had begun to think that I was the only person OLD enough to remember them.

When I told her about the interest in rebuses by the youngsters, she began singing Peter Allen's Everything Old Is New Again.  Listen here:

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Anonymous said...

Aren't they worried she spends too much time with CANDY? ML