Friday, July 22, 2016


At a recent party, as some of the people were leaving, one of the men said to another man, "Aren't you glad you were able to see me?"

I was taking a drink at that moment and I did a spit-take; I asked the man sitting beside me,  "Do you know that there are things that ONLY men say?"

He asked what I meant and I mentioned what had just been said and I continued, 'Here's another: what can I do you FOR'; no woman would say that."

He asked, "What are some other examples?"

I said, "Only men say 'are you working hard or hardly working' and 'ever since Christ was a Corporal'."

My companion laughed in obvious recognition of the quotes. I said, "But my favorite is when men are in stores and they see a male acquaintance they will ask 'are you going to pay for mine too'?"

He laughed, obviously feeling guilty himself.  He asked, "Anything else?"

"When you say 'Hi.', men will answer, 'Not for a long time.'."

I said that I had never heard any women use those conversational gambits.

I told him that I'd written a BLOG article entitled THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN MEN AND WOMEN (see here) and that I'd mentioned that men seem to have a problem with small talk.

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It won't let me see the other article. ML