Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Recently, I have noticed people using the word FAIL as a noun and as an interjection.  Not only do I hear it on radio and television, but also from people in person. 

My witty brother asked, "Is it a NERB or a VOUN?"

Yesterday, a young acquaintance said, "That's a fail." I didn't feel as if I knew her well enough to ask, "WTH?"; besides, we were with a group of other people and I felt it would be declasse of me to inquire about her usage.

I particularly like the accompanying article from Slate, (CLICK HERE to read) because of the title Goodbye, schadenfreude; hello fail, because I, along with a number of my friends, LOVE the word schadenfreude. (CLICK HERE to see my BLOG article SCHADENFREUDE)

Also, enjoy the article from The New York Times. CLICK HERE to read it.

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Anonymous said...

I forgot to call you but I heard Chris Matthews use schadenfreude recently! ML