Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Gerald's niece Robin's husband Scott looked so much like Gerald that people always assumed that Scott was his nephew.

Gerald and Scott flew to Phoenix, Arizona, to pick up a car from Scott's parents and they drove back to Ohio with it. As Gerald hates to fly, this was a true labor of love.

When Gerald returned, I asked how the trip had been and he said it was fine EXCEPT that Scott had the radio tuned to country and western stations the entire trip. I said, "That's strange--Scott can't STAND country and western music; he likes jazz and rock 'n' roll!"

That same day I spoke to Robin and I asked how Scott had enjoyed the trip and she said, "Aunt Sue, it's the funniest thing; Scott said they had to listen to country and western music all the way home, but I told him that Uncle Gerald hated country music."

Robin and I both agreed that if it had been us two women taking the trip, one would've asked the other if she minded changing the station.

To paraphrase the Bill and Ted movie: "GERALD AND SCOTT'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE!"

Scott Dellman.
July 6,1958--March 25,2004
Our beloved Scott was taken much too soon.

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They do look alike! ML