Thursday, July 7, 2016


My friend Patty wrote to tell me that she had had a freak accident and that she had fallen backwards from her daughter's car.

Her daughter said that she was about to change gears when she spotted her mother's "little white tennis shoes up in the air".  Her daughter said, "Mom, you didn't make a sound."  She answered, "Why make a sound?  I was already falling.  I didn't yell during childbirth;  why yell when I hit the driveway?"

Picturing her hitting the driveway and her little white tennis shoes, I began to laugh.  Why do we laugh at accidents?  I should be ashamed.

Despite the obvious tragic possibility of what might have happened, naturally, I had to be a smart aleck and ask if her shoes looked like Margaret Hamilton's.


Her story reminded me of the Smothers Brothers song I Fell Into A Vat Of Chocolate.  Tommy ends the song by saying that he yelled "FIRE!" when he fell into the vat of chocolate because nobody would have come if he'd yelled "CHOCOLATE!".  

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Anonymous said...

I loved the Smothers Brothers! Remember Hickory, Dickory, Dock, the mouse ran up the clock; the clock struck one and the other escaped with minor injuries.