Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I love Van Morrison's song Tupelo Honey.  My favorite rendition of the song is by Richie Havens and that is the precise reason I bought the first jar of Tupelo honey;  now I buy it each year for my own Tupelo honey Gerald!

We use a great deal of honey throughout the year;  the only place I could find to buy Tupelo honey locally is from a Mennonite store and it is quite expensive.  Of course Gerald checked online but learned it was more economical to buy it locally. 

After I read an article about contaminated honey from Asia being banned in Europe but was flooding the U.S. market, my ever witty brother Les said, "I can just see it--like cocaine smuggling--they'll have honey mules swallowing condoms filled with honey defecating the honey--they can't stop the honey trade!"  He continued by asking, "Will the President need to appoint a Honey Czar;  will we have a War On Honey?"

I doubt that Asians have actual Tupelo honey,  but what would deter them from mis-labeling?  I could check the country of origin, but what would deter their falsifying that?

To be safe, we bought five quarts of clover honey from a local apiary.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Les, HONEY MULES indeed! That image is hilarious. ML