Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Gerald and I saw a perfect rainbow tonight, but unfortunately he did not have his camera with him and missed the opportunity to capture the exquisite image.  By the time we arrived home, the rainbow had vanished.

I now wish I had listened to the salesman when I purchased the new cell phone--a so-called "smart phone"-- as he was explaining about the camera application. I don't do well taking pictures so I wasn't interested in learning how to use the camera function. Now I wish I had!

At home I told my brother about seeing that perfect rainbow and I compared it to the thrill of seeing seadog formations.  I have seen a seadog formation only twice.  Each time it occurred, it was during foggy and warm mornings when I saw the faint rainbow-like formations; the sunlight reflects in the fog droplets and it produces a ghostly, whitish rainbow.

Seadog formations are also called fogbows, mistbows, and white rainbows.

When I said "seadog formation", my brother asked, "You mean they have those old Navy guys marching?" 

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