Saturday, June 17, 2017


Today my friend Francie and I were discussing mis-quoting and I mentioned a famous quote by George Santayana being attributed to Churchill and others.  She asked, "Are you the one who sent the cartoon to me about that?"   When she told me the content of the cartoon, I answered, "No, but I MUST see it!"  See the cartoon here:

The following is an article from Sue's News published in 2010:


At a training session at BMY, one of the instructors quoted, "As Winston Churchill said, 'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.'".   I raised my hand and told him, "That's actually a quote from George Santayana." The instructor imperiously told me that I was WRONG. My mother always said that I was "briggety" (we can't find the word in ANY dictionary, but we've used it all of our lives), so I challenged him with, "So how much money did your wife let you bring with you today?" [This is the smart-alecky thing my brothers always say when they are ready to bet somebody!] He asked, with great indignation, "What does THAT mean?" I answered, "That means that however much money you have in your wallet is how much I'm going to bet you that I'm RIGHT!" There were a lot of "ooohs" in the classroom and one person interjected, "I wouldn't want to bet with HER if I were you!"

The instructor did not say another word at the time, and instead of acting like a stand-up person, after the class, he reported me to my boss John Wood. John told me that my behavior was inappropriate but laughed and said that he wouldn't bet with me either!

I believed that the instructor was the one who behaved inappropriately. The next day, I brought my beloved copy of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations " to work with me (inscribed from my friend: "We're quite a PAIR--my Bartlett's and ME!"--she knew how I love puns--PAIR/PEAR), and made copies of the quote for the instructor, John Wood, and all of my fellow classmates.

Do you think that the instructor had the graciousness to tell the class he had been wrong? Of course not!  Instead, we had a joint meeting with John Wood to "resolve our differences"; fortunately, John Wood told the instructor that he could have avoided the entire incident if he had merely thanked me for giving him the correct information.

You can imagine what kind of evaluation I gave the instructor!

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