Thursday, June 22, 2017


In yesterday's blog, I wrote about the death of Andrew Goodman, who along with Michael Schwerner and James Chaney, was murdered in Neshoba County, Mississippi on June 21, 1964.

My Mantelpiece A Memoir Of Survival And Social Justice was written by Dr. Carolyn Goodman, the mother of Andy Goodman.  The book is a wrenching story of dealing with the murder of her son and the continuing fight for social justice.  With her, I still grieve for "what might have been" and mourn the loss of those heroes of the struggle for civil rights.

After Andy's death, Dr. Goodman and Andy's father Robert Goodman, created The
Andrew Goodman Foundation. To quote from the book: "The Foundation was created to carry on the spirit and purpose of Andy's life, with the vision that every person will take action to create a peaceful, just, and sustainable world. The Foundation empowers the next generation to initiate and sustain social action, enabling leaders and their communities to flourish by operating and investing in programs that advance civic engagement and intergenerational coalitions."

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