Friday, June 23, 2017


Anthroponymy is the term for choosing names.

Especially interesting to me are "reduplicated names":

I know a Lewis Lewis.  I wondered, "Of all the names in the world, they chose Lewis as his first name!"

I know a Beverly Beverly.

I know three people named Jesse James (one pictured--LOL)

Evans Evans, an American actress

Fei Fei, an Asian actress

Lisa Lisa, an American singer

Sylvain Sylvain, an American guitarist

Thomas Thomas, a science fiction writer

Helle Helle, Danish author

Wilson Wilson, American actor (the next-door neighbor, always behind the fence, on Home Improvement)

My brother just interjected, "How about Sirhan Sirhan?"

Some examples of WTH were the parents thinking?:  

DWARD FARQUAHR was Dody Goodman's dance teacher in Columbus, OH and she would talk about him with Jack Paar on The Tonight Show. 

Dick Sweat was a NH congressman

Ron Tugnutt (former NHL player)

Andy Friese (another race car driver)

Dick Trickle, NASCAR driver (pictured)

Candace was a very popular name some forty years ago:  Gerald's niece's name is Penelope Candace--they wanted to call her Penny Candy! (WHY do people name a child and then say, "We named him/her that so we can call him/her...": some NICKNAME? Why don't they just name the child the name they are going to call them?)

My sister-in-law had a cousin whose last name was BARR; she ALMOST named her daughter Candace; fortunately, my sister-in-law advised her that the child would inevitably be nicknamed by somebody as Candy and she would live as Candy Barr;  fortunately, she chose another name.

Scarlet Ann Gray: to my knowledge, she was featured in the The Columbus Dispatch three different times:

1. When she was born--her father claimed to be the world's biggest Ohio State University fan.

2. When she started college--at THE Ohio State University.

3. When she married--I bet she was glad to change her name.

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