Saturday, January 14, 2012


Facebook entry by my friend AMANDA BEEDY BLAKELEY:

"I need to share a funny with you, or at least Cass and I thought it was funny but people don't always get our sense of humor. We had a patient bring in a script for a neb today, that was ordered by a hospitalist from Fayette Memorial. Well, most people have seen "Grey's Anatomy" and know of "Dr. McDreamy" and "Dr. Steamy". Well, this guy could be the third doctor who is not as cool and suave as the others because his name is...wait for it...
DR. MCWEENEY! I kid you not! How funny is that?"

My response:

"My gyno is DR. PAPP."

Amanda replied: "Are you kidding, Sue? He is in the right business like Dr. McCracken and Dr. Kreusch. I'm sure I totally butchered the spelling on that but it's pronounced "CRUSH"; they are both chiropractors. Oh, and the foot doctor at Adena, is Dr. Tschol, the "T" is silent."

I answered, "No, it's JENNIFER PAPP and her father is also a gyno. How about Dr. Payne, the dentist?"

Several others added names:

An oncologist in Chillicothe named RICKY C. MYHAND.

An OBY/GYN named DR. WIWI but it would be better for a urologist.

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