Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I just counted my stamps to see how many 1-cent stamps I need to buy because of the increase in postage!


I love stamps, but I am NOT a stamp collector. With online bill payment, we don't need many stamps until I have Christmas cards or a political mailing, but I like to use stamps which are meaningful to me or others.

I like to use stamps which are relevant to the person to whom I'm sending. When the John Wayne stamps were issued, I bought a sheet for my brother. The mother of my sister-in-law was thrilled because I sent her a note and used a Cary Grant stamp. I gave her the remainder from the sheet! My friend Patty always notices the stamps and comments about the significance! Whether it's a yellow rose, favorite actor, historical figure and yes, even sports, she notices.

One person asked me, "Did you know that the person on the stamp was a favorite of mine?" Well, DUH!

When the Elvis stamps were issued, of course, I bought several sheets and I have used them sparingly over the years JUST to send to fellow Elvis fans on special Elvis occasions.

Last year I bought a sheet of Mark Twain stamps because I adore Mark Twain and I sent half the sheet to a Facebook friend (whom I have never met) from St. Joseph, MO, because he quotes Twain all the time.

An older friend loved Roy Rogers; I sent him all of the Roy Rogers stamps from the "Western Heroes" sheet and I put a Gene Autry stamp on the envelope. Inside I wrote:

"Knock knock.
Who's there?
Kilroy who?
KILL Roy rogers, I'm a Gene Autry fan!"

After that, when we would be together at gatherings, at least six times, he would joyfully tell about my sending the stamps and the awful "Knock Knock" joke. Gerald said, "I can't believe how much that meant to him!"

Imagine my excitement when the Audrey Hepburn stamps were issued! Gerald bought Katherine Hepburn stamps by mistake; I cannot tolerate her! Obviously I still have 20 of those!

Last year, I began the "365 THANK YOUS" (see Sue's News, January 11, 2011); I was an abject failure as I only lasted 3 months sending thank you notes!

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