Monday, January 2, 2012

"I loathe bananas!"

"I loathe bananas" is a favorite saying at our house whenever one of us does something which shows some ingenuity.

The quote comes from "The Planet Of The Apes", when Dr. Zira (played by the delightful Kim Hunter), had completed the Pavlovian tasks set forth by the scientists, but when she reached the top and there was a banana for her reward; she simply folded her arms and sat down and one of the scientists asked, "Why doesn't she take the banana?" and Dr. Zira answered, "Because I loathe bananas!" That was, of course, the first time the chimps had spoken.

Dr. Zira pronounced banana as "Ba-nanh-uh", which, of course, we do too!

Recently, I wanted to get the McCoy soup tureen from the top of one of the kitchen cabinets and I couldn't reach it by getting on the step stool; I didn't want to go to the garage to get the ladder and I also did not want to climb up onto the kitchen counter, and I didn't want to risk dropping the tureen by using the "Grabber" so I lined a basket with towels and hoisted it to the shelf and gently moved the tureen into the basket and brought it down safely with the "Grabber".

I was very proud of myself.

Although I didn't know it, Les had come upon the scene and when I finished he asked, "Why didn't you just ask me to get it for you?"

Of course I answered, "Because I loathe bananas!"

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Anonymous said...

"Dirty stinking chimps!"--love POTA