Thursday, January 12, 2012


Norman and I were discussing the recent Sue's News article "MIREPOIX" and he asked if I knew about "The Trinity". As accustomed as I am about our habit of abruptly changing subjects, I asked, "You mean in religion?" He answered, "No, in Cajun cooking!" I had not heard the term previously although Les had.

Norman said that the Cajuns call the combination of chopped celery, onions and green bell pepper "The Trinity"; it's the basis of nearly all of their soups, stews, gumbo, jambalaya, sauces, and pot roasts.

The ratio of "The Trinity" is equal amounts of onions and celery and one-half the amount of bell pepper. [Norman said we must pronounce the celery as "sare-uh-ree" as the Cajun Chef Paul Prudhomme does.]

MIREPOIX, the French equivalent of "The Trinity", contains equal amounts of celery, onions and carrots.

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