Monday, January 30, 2012


My brother Bode was living in Pensacola, FL but he needed to go to Mobile, AL. This was before the days of GPS and he'd been given directions to an address on Joachim Street. He didn't have a map. After being lost for some time, he stopped at a market to ask for directions and, of course, he asked for the location of Joachim Street, pronouncing it as "Wah-keem". The woman at the store said she'd lived there all of her life, but had never heard of the street. Bode kept insisting that he knew he had to be close to the street, according to the directions he'd been given. Finally, Bode handed her the paper with the directions on it and she exclaimed, "Oh, you mean JOE-ACK-UM!"

Saint Joachim and Saint Anne are probably turning over in their graves to hear how his name is butchered!

In telling me the story, Bode said, "Well, I shouldn't be surprised by these Southerners; our secretary's name is Beatrice Buchanan but she insists it's pronounced BEE-AT-TRUSS BUCK-HANNON!"

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How about the Elite (EEE-LITE) Cafe in Springfield?