Saturday, January 28, 2012


Today, in the locker room, after aerobics, one of my friends and I were discussing movies and she mentioned that she'd just watched "Funny Girl" for the umpteenth time and there was an actress whose name she couldn't remember. When she told about the character I said, "Anne Francis" and we spoke of other roles we'd seen her play. My friend then said how much Barbra had changed over the years and I remarked, "Well, after all, she'll be 70 in April, but she still looks pretty damned good!" [YES, I do know Barbra's birthday!]

A woman disrobing next to me, whom I will admit, I do not like, said, "Well, with all those face lifts and Botox, she should!" I pounced and said, "Were you there when she supposedly had it done?" She looked stunned at being confronted, but I'll give the woman credit because she responded with, "That's why she can't sing any more; she can't move her mouth!" I literally screamed, "CAN'T sing? When's the last time you heard her sing? I just so happen to have her Concert CD in my car right now and she sounds great!" The woman countered with, "They say so." Of course I didn't give her the opportunity to continue. I said, "A wise man once said, "They say so is half a lie." but you just told a whole lie because YOU weren't there and cannot say anything about her!" Fortunately, the woman left in a huff. If she had just said that she didn't like Barbra then it would not have bothered me, but she had to couch her opinion with ignorance!

I do confront people by saying, "Were you there?"; "Did you see it yourself?"; "How do you know?"; "I don't believe it", and "I seriously doubt that.", among other charming retorts. Of course I know this is an irritant but I dislike it when people use generalizations, stereotypes, rumors and lies and try to pass them off as facts. I am currently in the midst of a Facebook thread which is on the Facebook account of a friend of mine and although I do not even know the offensive person, her postings are so replete with gross generalizations, stunning stereotypes, blatant bigotry and malicious maligning that she must be confronted. [Oh, how I love alliteration: gross generalizations, stunning stereotypes, blatant bigotry and malicious maligning!]

Why do I care? Hell if I know!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Hell, yeah, I've had you do that "Were you there?" routine with me!