Friday, August 30, 2013


I commented to a teacher on Thursday that it must be difficult getting back into the routine after being away three months. She said, "It's good, tomorrow is casual Friday." I was shocked that they were allowed to dress "casually" at school. She said that some young teachers even try to take advantage of the policy and expect to be able to wear flip-flops! I shrieked, "Why don't they just wear their pajamas too?"

I disapprove of "casual dress" in business because I think it fosters a casual attitude about work. (CLICK HERE to see the excellent article from Marie Claire.)

Several years ago a young woman I know had applied to be a substitute teacher and she was interviewed and was given her first assignment. She had asked for my advice about what to wear for the interview and I told her to wear "the uniform": navy suit, white blouse, heels, and to carry a nice handbag; fortunately, she had a navy suit and she borrowed navy pumps from a friend; I loaned my Coach navy briefcase for her to use. When she told me she was having her first assignment, I asked her what she was going to be wearing. When she showed me the outfit I asked if there were a dress code. She said that her interviewer had told her that she was supposed to "dress professionally". I told her bluntly that I thought her outfit was not professional. The outfit had a short skirt and the top was too low-cut for daytime wear. I said, "It looks more like a party dress." She said, "It's trendy." I said, "I think they want conservative." She said, "Well, they know I'm young." I said, "Did you have a tour; did you notice what any of the other women were wearing at school?" She said she hadn't paid attention. I thought of using Giuliani Rancic's term to describe the outfit: "hoochie mama"; but decided against voicing that opinion, especially after I had already told her I thought it was not professional.

She was never called to substitute again. Of course, I don't know if the apparel was the reason for her not being recalled or the fact that she had no background in the subject of the teacher she replaced.

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Anonymous said...

How about the kids who wear flip flops in the winter? ML