Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Today, in a meeting with April, the Activities Director at Country Glenn Nursing Home, I noticed on her ID badge that her last name is L'ABBE. I have seen that name only once and it's on a marker at the Highlawn Cemetery. The marker is near the graves of my husband's family and I noticed the marker because it has a Star of David on it which is unusual in a Fayette County cemetery.

I asked her if her husband had family buried there and she said that his parents and grandparents were. I asked, "Is Richard his father?" She looked astounded and said that was her husband's father's name. I told her that his grave is near the graves of my husband's family. She said that her husband's grandparents were also buried there. I asked, "The Chandlers?" She said, "This is amazing; how did you know?" I then told her about my BLOG article about BRENDA LEE (CLICK HERE to see the article) and she said, "That's Aunt Bim!" In my article I mentioned about two children being at the cemetery with their grandfather and today I learned that April's husband and sister-in-law ARE the children and they learned that I am the "mystery person" who puts flowers on their Aunt Bim's grave.

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Anonymous said...

Where does BIM come from? ML