Friday, September 6, 2013


A friend e-mailed and commented that she had not seen any "CRINGE" postings on the BLOG in a long time and she included the article "25 COMMON PHRASES THAT YOU'RE SAYING WRONG" and wrote that she was providing it for my "edification and delectation". I am very fortunate to have friends who use polysyllabic words! I was relieved to know that she wasn't directing it toward me as I am not guilty of any of these and have included a number of them in other "CRINGE" articles.

I wrote to her, "I just heard Alex Wagner introduce Julian Bond as the President Emeritus of the NAACP," except she pronounced it "EM-UH-REET-US"!

There's never any surcease in CRINGING!

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Anonymous said...

WHEW! At least I don't commit any of those EGREGIOUS errors. I threw in "egregious" for your brother's benefit! ML