Sunday, September 29, 2013


I try to use the word icon ONLY when referring to religious pictures properly called ICONS! I am sometimes forced to refer to the little symbol at the bottom of my computer screen as an "icon", but it is painful to do so. My brother commented, "Sometimes you're so damned strict I think you're French." (I must admit that's rather adroit and amusing!)

I nearly screak every time I hear an UN-ICONIC object, person, or thing described as ICONIC!

Please read the essay from the Poet M.E. Tuthill called "ICON'T STAND IT". (A bonus: I had not read her poetry, but after reading her essay I ordered The Linen Man.)

Don't get me started on CHARISMA and CHARISMATIC!

CLICK HERE to read the article "Icon, Iconic, and Other Overworked Words."

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Anonymous said...

Did you ever hear charismatic BEFORE JFK? ML