Thursday, September 19, 2013


In reading one of my favorite bloggers: Larry Chapman of "Chapman's General Store" I had to chuckle to myself about his latest posting about the pronunciation of QUINOA. It reminded me about my encounter with EDAMAME (see my BLOG article here).

Random Thought: Saying it Correctly
By Larry Chapman

Like many Americans I have a colloquial dialect. I can walk into a bar anyplace in America and whoever I speak to might say, “You’re not from around here, are you?” There is no “r” in wash but unless I’m paying attention I will say, “warsh.”

Recently I purchased a bag of quinoa, a supposedly nutritious grain grown in South America. I’ve read the word many times but never heard it said. My version of saying it is quin-no-ah. I mean, isn’t that how it looks? I told a knowledgeable foodie friend about buying some and when I said the word he laughed at me and told me the correct pronunciation is keen-wah.

So, now I’m faced with one of at least three choices; spend the remainder of my life practicing to say it right, never say the word again, or feed this crap to the raccoons and forget it exists. Or, I could just cook it up, eat it, and tell my other foodie friends I had a bowl of South American mush for breakfast.

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Anonymous said...

Quin-WHAT? YOU are the only person I know who knows these things! ML