Monday, September 23, 2013


I'm always amused when I see people reading weighty tomes in public. I think those people want to impress someone, but whom? A person who would also read those kinds of books would surely think the people were "showing off" by reading them in public. I think it's pretentious! I guess I believe I must give undivided attention to intellectual material.

Yes, I'll read magazines at the doctor's office and I always have reading material in the car or purse in the event that I might be stranded somewhere, but I don't carry Stephen Hawking's books or Principia Mathematica with me. I've had some marvelous conversations with people about books they were reading.

Today at a local restaurant which features a couch, comfortable chairs, and a coffee table, as well as regular chairs and tables, I noticed a young man sitting on the comfy couch, eating a scone, and drinking a latte, as he was reading a book by The Dalai Lama. (Hey, I'm observant, and I yes, I listen to the orders of others; thus I heard his detailed la-di-dah coffee order!) I told the gal waiting on us, "I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but I think the scones are awful, but I do love the cream puffs!"

The book the young man was reading appeared to be from the library because it had the protective cellophane wrapper I see on library books.

I said to my luncheon companion: "Watch this." When I got his attention--which was easy; after all, he obviously wanted people to pay attention to him--I folded my hands, did a quick head bow and said, "NAMASTE!"

He looked absolutely thrilled and returned the gesture!

Walking out, I felt bad--there I was making fun of his conspicuous display of seriousness--and he thought I was sincere!

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Anonymous said...

You ARE terrible! He was probably just a lonely person looking for camaraderie! ML