Monday, September 16, 2013


A charm customer had her children with her and all you readers already know what a sucker I am for blonde-haired boys! {Gerald would be proud that I did not use the term "tow-head".) Little Nehemiah was surprised when I remarked that his is a Biblical name and I said that I only knew of one other person named Nehemiah and that was Nehemiah Persoff, the actor. He exclaimed, "You're the only one who's ever known of another Nehemiah!"

Nehemiah's grandmother said that he could have four charms on his bracelet. He had chosen a dinosaur but said he wished he could have a dragon instead. I said, "I have lots of dragons; I love dragons!" He substituted a dragon instead of the dinosaur. As I was attaching the dragon charm to his bracelet, Nehemiah presented me with a picture he'd drawn of a dragon. I said that we would have to put it on the refrigerator. I asked, "Is that fire coming from his mouth?" He answered no and I said, "Oh, look at this charm with lots of fire coming from his mouth!" Nehemiah chose that charm instead.

Nehemiah kept asking me unusual questions: "Do you spend a lot of time in the library?" I answered, "Yes, I usually have the computer in there." He asked, "At that desk?" I said, "Yes." He continued, "Do you spend a lot of time on the telephone in there?" I answered, "Yes, it has a speaker phone and I can type and talk at the same time!"

Although I did wonder why he was so inquisitive and I did notice that he was folding another piece of yellow paper, but I am seldom surprised by kids. After he had gone, as I was putting the computer back on the desk, I saw a folded sheet of paper under the receiver on the telephone! This was just the sweetest present!

See Nehemiah's FIRE BREATHING DRAGON artwork!

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Anonymous said...

Only YOU would know Nehemiah Persoff! I had to look him up!