Saturday, September 21, 2013


An acquaintance of mine, originally from the state of Oregon, thinks it's bizarre that in this area, noodles are served with mashed potatoes. I had never given it any thought because I grew up eating them that way, but I immediately saw the absurdity of it when I saw it from her perspective. She added, "And what's with the corn with mashed potatoes?"

We were having a CHILI COOKOFF at the Continuum Of Care (CLICK HERE to see BLOG article) and we asked for volunteers to bring the side-dishes and one person spoke up and said, "I'll bring the peanut butter sandwiches." WHAT? I gather that it's a common practice.

Recently, I was treated to homemade chili at my client's house and their daughter said she would bring the mashed potatoes.

I said, "That must be the SIXTH way.", referencing Cincinnati Chili 5-WAY. I asked, "Do you put the chili OVER the potatoes, or the potatoes IN the chili?" "Whichever way you like them", was the answer. I told her when we serve chili for Gerald's poker parties, we have it FIVE ways: with the choice of crackers, macaroni, onions, bell peppers, or cheese--or ALL--if that's the preference.

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Anonymous said...

We ALWAYS have peanut butter sandwiches with chili! ML