Friday, November 15, 2013


Les and I were in the library and Gerald popped in and came over and nuzzled around my neck and asked us if we knew the word CYSSAN; neither of us did! (I learned that CYSSAN is an archaic word meaning "to kiss".)

I asked, "WHAT have you been watching?" He had been watching a show about facial muscles and it showed the origins of kissing! I asked, "Did you know that people didn't close their eyes when kissing until the advent of motion pictures?" Les said, "HOW do you know that--what empirical evidence do you have--to prove that statement?" (I've mentioned before about Shirkeys leaping on any generalizations and statements without facts, haven't I?)

I said, "Proud of your using the word EMPIRICAL, but in the movies that showed the first kiss, the audience started laughing, so that's when they started having the actors close their eyes and the general population started kissing that way!"

"So, is THAT your documentation?"

I said, "Well, maybe I should have said that I've HEARD that!"

He's ALWAYS right!

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Anonymous said...

AHA! Gerald gets a medal for topping you AND Les! ML