Saturday, November 9, 2013


Four of my friends and I are afflicted with the SCHADENFREUDE BUG; it happens whenever we learn a new word, and then after that, we cannot believe how often we hear the word and we have the compulsion to report having heard or seen the word.

It began with the word SCHADENFREUDE; years ago, after I learned this absolutely perfect word which has no English equivalent, I was surprised about all the times I heard it or saw it in print after the initial time. I shared this phenomenon with family and friends.

Now, SCHANDENFREUDE BUG is a generic term for any new, unusual word we learn and we keep track of the number of times we hear or see it. All let me know when they see or hear SCHADENFREUDE.

My latest word is DUDGEON. Since reading it--and using it in a BLOG article--I have heard it a number of times; I heard Chris Hayes use it twice last night. It is usually accompanied by "high dudgeon".

From the Free Online Dictionary: dudgeon: "noun: a feeling of offense or deep resentment."

Gretchen alerted me to a great article from The Huffington Post (CLICK HERE) to read.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, Hell, now beware of DUDGEON?