Wednesday, November 13, 2013


A friend and I are both abysmally ignorant about current sports. We were having dinner at a local restaurant and a group sitting behind us were talking--loudly--about the situation with Ricky Incognito and Jonathan Martin. I know about the cause celebre because Les listens to sports radio shows while he's cooking and I hear bits and pieces. My friend heard one of the group say "Incognito" and she asked, "So is the guy traveling incognito?" I laughed and said, "No, Incognito is HIS name."

I then attempted to tell her about the situation, including bits about Stanford, Harvard, Harbaugh, Dungey, and my own opinion. Of course, I didn't want those loud people behind us to hear me, partly because of my ignorance and partly because 5 of the 6 of them were on the side of Incognito!

When I returned home, I told Les about our conversation and he said, "Excuse my cliché, but that's like the blind leading the blind!"

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Is that a picture by Brueghel? ML