Saturday, August 23, 2014


When one of Gerald's great niece married, our wedding present for her was for me to cater the food for the reception.  It was relatively (can't help the pun!) easy as there were only fifty guests expected to attend.

I had to be at the reception site early.  I was wearing a low-cut, teal-colored, silk dress, with dyed-to-match shoes and I was also wearing a teal-colored, plunge bra and slip.

I did not know it beforehand but the bridal attendants' dresses were low-cut TEAL-colored gowns. 

I went in to the room where the young women were preparing for the wedding, and I saw that one of the bridesmaids had her WHITE bra visible.  I went to her and asked, "Are you a C-Cup?"  Stunned, she answered that she was.  I said, "Come with me."  We went to the bathroom and I said, "You're going to wear my bra;  we can't have your bra showing!"  She and I exchanged bras and when she walked down the aisle her bra wasn't showing and she looked lovely in the pictures.

Unfortunately, I had to pin my low-cut dress together to hide the white bra.  Before the ceremony, when I sat down beside Gerald, I asked if he noticed anything different.  He said, "Your ta-tas aren't showing."  I whispered, "The bridesmaid is wearing my bra!"  and told him the reason for the bra exchange.

He muttered, "Only you, Sweetheart, only YOU would do that!"


Anonymous said...

Greater love hath no woman than to give up her sexy bra! ML

Anonymous said...

Greater love hath no woman than to give up a sexy bra. ML