Tuesday, August 12, 2014


As we were working in the kitchen, Les was listening to one of his sports programs and the commentator was questioning whether Tiger Woods would break Jack Nicklaus' record. I asked Les what the record was to which he was referring and Les said that Jack had won 18 Majors and Tiger had won 14. I asked, "What are the Majors?" He answered, "The Masters, the PGA Championship, the U.S. Open and the British Open, but they don't call it that anymore."

I said, "Oh, no, that's too bad; Tiger will probably beat Jack's records; I don't want him to beat Jack." Les asked, incredulously, "Why? You don't know anything about golf." I answered, "Well, I think Jack is a good man; you've never heard a bad word about good ole Jack, have you?"

Les said, "No; Jack's one of the good guys!"

I said, "The first set of golf clubs I bought for Gerald were by Jack and I bought a Golden Bear golf shirt for him too!"

Les continued, "You know it's interesting that Ohio has produced great athletes who were also good guys." I asked, "Like who?" He answered, "Like Jesse Owens, Archie Griffin, Edwin Moses, and another golfer Tom Weiskopf."

I added, "Scott Hamilton and Hayes Alan Jenkins." Les asked, "WHUT? WHO is Hayes Alan Jenkins?" I said, "He's the great Olympic ice skater; he is married to Carol Heiss."

Les answered, "Oh, I forget that the ONLY sports you know about are skating and curling!"

I said, "AND the 1960 OSU basketball team: John Havlicek, Mel Nowell, Jerry Lucas, Joe Roberts, Gary Gearhart and....". Les stopped me and said, "Surely you're not going to include Bobby Knight in the list of good guys!"

I answered, "No, of course not; besides, he was second string; I was going to say Larry Seigfried!"

He answered, "Of course you know the starting line-up AND an extra!"

I said, "I hear that Jeff Shaw is a good guy; I know he gave $100.00 to Andy's benefit."

Then I began laughing, and said, "We've forgotten the most famous one of all."

Les said, "Please do not say LeBron."

I said, "No, he's from right here--ART!"

Les said, "Remember, we were talking about the GOOD GUYS!"

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Anonymous said...

I remember at a dinner party you said that we have only 2 famous people from here and both of them were criminals: harry Daugherty and ART! ML