Thursday, August 21, 2014


I was at the Bloomingburg Community Day festivities and an elderly woman I did not know approached me and asked, "Honey, would you like a head of cabbage?" I said "Sure, I never turn down anything free!" When I lifted the bag from her car, I said, "This is the biggest head of cabbage I've ever seen; I bet it weighs 20 pounds!" At home, when Les weighed it, the weight was actually 8 1/2 pounds, but that is still a big head of cabbage!

I said to Les, "I wonder why a complete stranger would offer cabbage to me." He said, "Since she's old, she probably thought you resemble Mrs. Wiggs Of The Cabbage Patch." I replied, "That's a pretty obscure reference; I didn't know you knew that book."

He said, "I meant the movie." I answered, "I hope I don't look like Zasu Pitts!" He responded, "Oh, Zazu didn't play Mrs. Wiggs; she was the spinster!"

I said, "I CAN'T believe you know that movie." He said, "Of course I do; after all, W.C. Fields was in it!"

We both remembered that W. C. and Zazu were in the movie, but I had to go to IMDB to see who portrayed Mrs. Wiggs; the actress' name was Pauline Lord. (see the movie clip here with Pauline Lord, Zazu Pitts, and W.C. Fields)

I said, "I guess I'll be grateful to look like Zazu; she looked good when she was young!" Les replied drolly, "At least I didn't say you looked like Cabbage Patch DOLLS!"


Anonymous said...

I guess we know we're old when we remember Mrs. Wiggs! ML

Sharon Thomas said...

Wasn't that Zazu Pitts on My Little Margie?