Friday, August 1, 2014


Although we installed AdBlock Plus, some of the devious advertising techniques of pop-ups still annoy me daily. I passionately dislike the pop-ups and delete them immediately, accompanied by some cursing. They are unwelcome intrusions on my time. If I want anything from those companies, I shall make contact; I certainly don't need reminders.

I've read that companies maintain information about all of our likes, dislikes, purchases, etc. we have revealed on the internet. If those companies actually know very much about me, then why don't they know how very much I detest the pop-ups and delete all of them without ever looking at them?

I keep getting pop-ups from Saks, Burberry, Chanel, LancĂ´me, and bunches of others. They are obviously sent to me because I looked up something for BLOG articles or to check prices. It doesn't mean I am ever going to purchase anything there, and because of the annoyance factor, I am more than likely to look elsewhere.

In my "file" there should be an asterisk which shows that I don't want my reading disturbed. I would be far more likely to open an e-mail from companies rather than be bothered while I am busy with another project. I believe the "smart" ones do that since I receive e-mails from companies where I have expressed an interest in their products and have obviously provided my address.

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Anonymous said...

They are a big turn-off for me. ML