Monday, August 11, 2014


I attended a public meeting last week and a woman walked in wearing a wrinkled tee-shirt, Capri pants, and sandals. Another person was wearing denim shorts and a tank top with bra straps showing. This meeting was definitely a place where people should have, at least dressed appropriately, if not dressed professionally.

I can't imagine dressing that way going to the grocery, let alone to a public meeting.

I have lamented before (CLICK HERE to see DRESS CODE) about inappropriate dress.

The last time I was called for jury duty there was a woman wearing shorts, a low-cut top, and flip-flops. Jury instructions clearly state that one should dress "appropriately". She was not selected. I am constantly taken aback by clothing choices I see at weddings and funerals.

I was at my doctor's office today and a drug representative came in and she was wearing a very attractive ecru-colored lace blouse combined with black slacks, stiletto heels, a nice handbag, along with her briefcase. Her white bra was showing, conspicuously and glaringly, through the blouse. I thought, "Her mother probably never told her about camisoles!"

I think the first rule of business dress is that one's fashion shouldn't cause detraction--and distraction-- from the job! That's the reason that uniforms are great. At one place where I worked--a Deming philosophy company--uniforms were required for ALL employees which included everyone from the riveters to the President. What a tremendous cost-saving for me!

Driving through town today, I saw three women wearing tops with the bra straps showing and one was pink bra straps! Is this a fad or don't they realize how unattractive it is? I know I sound old-fashioned, but can anyone actually think that is becoming? Les says I sound like an "old fogey"; I tell him I was also a "young fogey"! Besides, the temperature was 60 degrees today!

I never criticize young people and their clothing choices; in fact I have defended kids and their choices because I remember how ludicrous some of my choices were, but I grew up!

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Oh, well, I've never grown up. ML