Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Because I would correct all e-mails I received which contained lies, I receive very few of them now because the offenders learned that I would challenge them. In my responses, I would provide correct information and lecture them about consulting a reliable fact-checking source prior to forwarding. Numerous times, I would send the reply to "ALL" who had received and forwarded the lies. One man e-mailed me, furious that I would dare to e-mail him. I responded that he should refrain from forwarding lies.

However, despicable postings on Facebook still require my attention. Some postings were so disgusting that I "unfriended" the people after correcting them. Because I "unfriended" one, he attacked me on a local scurrilous website.

I now have a quandary because several of my husband's relatives (who requested to be my Facebook "friends") regularly post reprehensible lies. I diligently correct them, provide them with accurate fact-checking sources, and, of course, give a lecture. They also post items about their Christianity, which I think is peculiar, since they are obviously very un-Christian.

One niece publishes at least one LIE per day--and sometimes more--about the President; today she posted this ludicrous item:

I told her that it is a LIE and that people who forward these LIES should at least have a smattering of knowledge about the government to know that prohibition would require an AMENDMENT.

I wonder if I should just ignore them to maintain family harmony? Les wonders how I am acquainted with so many ignorant people. I probably should just "unfriend" them and be happy with postings from like-minded friends.

I posted the following on my status:

"Edmund Burke, known as the Father of modern conservatism, wrote: THE ONLY THING NECESSARY FOR THE TRIUMPH OF EVIL IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING. While I am sorely tempted to "unfriend" people who continue to post heinous lies (especially about our President), I shall continue to correct, point them in the direction of good fact-checking, and encourage them to gain knowledge prior to posting. If we "do nothing", then we are "good men" who condone evil."

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Anonymous said...

WHY, WHY, WHY do they hate him? Do you think it's just because he's black? They hated Clinton too but didn't disrespect him the way they do President Obama. ML