Friday, August 29, 2014


My friend Bobbi's daughter posted the following on Facebook:

Sometimes, I just don't get it....I understand we live in a world where we need to be more careful about the things we do, but do we need to stop caring altogether? Today, on my way to Home Depot, I passed a car that was on the side of the road with its emergency lights flashing. On my way back, I noticed it was still there. I slowed down and asked the young woman if she was alright; she said she had run out of gas but her dad was on his way. I went home and did some yard work. About an hour later, I looked down that way and she was still sitting there. Concerned to why she would still be there, I grabbed a gas can and drove down the road. She was on the phone with her dad who was lost and driving up and down Route 35 looking for her, but he was on the NEW Route 35 and she was on the OLD Route 35! I told her I would give her some gas and she could meet him in Washington Court House. They both knew where WalMart is and decided to meet there.

My reasoning: What if that were my son? It was 92 degrees today and that poor girl was covered in sweat, lost, out of gas, and scared! I remember those days when I was young and thought that "empty" meant I could go another 50 miles. Sometimes we just have to "CARE"!

I was not surprised by Tammy's action because she is a very compassionate person. I sent her the article Why Random Acts Of Kindness Are So Important.

Random Acts Of Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty is a children's book by Anne Herbert. She coined the phrase in 1982 and Jack Canfield used the phrase in his book Chicken Soup For The Soul.

Today I was at my doctor's office in Wilmington and an elderly woman left the Receptionist's area and sat down. The Receptionist asked if she needed anything else and the woman said she was waiting for a cab. She was still sitting there when I came out from seeing the doctor. I asked the woman if I could take her home. I said, "We can ask the Receptionist to call the cab company to tell them you've left." We had a very enjoyable conversation on our drive to her home and she insisted on paying me and I told her, "Just PAY IT FORWARD and do something good for somebody else." I told her I would wait until she went in the house. She went to her porch and brought back a sack of cucumbers. Of course I could not refuse. I now have THIRTY cucumbers; does anybody want cucumbers?

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Bobbi should be proud of her! ML