Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I wanted ribs for one of my birthday meals and I don't care for the "dry rub" kind available at a local ribs restaurant. I had been to Damon's in Wilmington the week before and was not satisfied. Two other restaurants in town serve ribs only on Fridays, but, after going to one of them on two consecutive Fridays and they weren't serving ribs, with the excuse that the one who cooks the ribs wasn't there, I was almost ready to fix them myself!

When I told my tale of woe to a friend, she recommended Werner's and we decided to eat there with another couple.

As I looked at the appetizers on the menu, I was struck by the delicacy named "HOG WINGS." I'm usually always "up" to try anything different, but I asked, "WTH are hog wings?" The menu stated: "The bottom shank of a ham, smoked, fried, then grilled to perfection with our own original BBQ sauce."

Who could possibly resist THAT? Stab yourself right in the heart!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, YUMMY, YUMMY, I'll take an order of that! ML